The fifth brightest star in the sky,
Vega takes you on an immersive journey
through contemporary dance music

Inspired by the clubbing of the 1970s and heady summers spent on the islands of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, Vega is the place to come together to experience and engage with some of the most in-demand DJs and stars of tomorrow’s dance music scene. Attracting DJs from around the world, from iconic Ibizan institutions to legendary Latin American music festivals, every night spent in Vega is unique.

Engineered to provide a highly sonic experience to both audience and artist, Vega delivers a quality of acoustic level akin to that of a sound studio. Full soundproofing, floor-to-wall acoustic treatment and digital stereo sound all combine to transmit a completely lossless audio experience from source to speaker, ensuring that the integrity of the music remains completely uncompromised.

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“From names you’re sure to know and up-and-coming talents that should be on your radar, Vega presents fantastic musicians and DJs that you won’t find anywhere else in the city

Open today 8am - 2am
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