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The Culture Dispatch: Robots, Automation and You

Sensational headlines, dramatic stories and nightly news bring us astounding reports on breakthroughs in robotics, AI and automation almost every day. These are often followed with questions like “Will robots take our jobs? Will we be overrun by AI?”

Beneath these scary headlines, however, a small group of talented engineers, programmers and business people are quietly working away, building new products, services and solutions that make our lives easier, safer and better.

We invite members to join us at the Dubai Future Foundation’s robotics lab with Dr. Noah Raford, Futurist in Chief for the Dubai Future Foundation, in conversation with Khalifa Al Qama, director of DFF’s Dubai Future Labs and one of the leading lights in applied robotics in the region.

Together they will separate fact from fiction, hype from reality, and show how Khalifa and the projects of the Dubai Future Lab are building a new future for Dubai.

This episode is brought to you directly from the robotics lab of the Dubai Future Foundation.


Open today 8am - 2am
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