Lenz Geerk

Lenz Geerk’s (b. 1988, Swaziland) psychologically imbued paintings convey mundane, fleeting moments stripped of spatial and chronological context. Restrained emotion, ennui, and melancholy reign theatmosphere in his figurative paintings. Faded colours provide contrast to the figures he depicts, conveyingthe palpable tension of each scene. Unaware of the viewer’s gaze, Geerk’s subjects carry on with thehumdrum of their quotidian tasks– they lazily lounge in bed, lackadaisically gaze into their bowl ofspaghetti, unenthusiastically engage in a game of badminton. Born out of their author’s insomnia, the pieces emanate a certain mysterious quality; no matter how hard one might look at them, they remain indifferent to the spectator.

Lenz Geerk has exhibited in notable galleries worldwide.

Treesitter, 2021
Acrylic on canvas
80 x 50cm

On display in The Brasserie, first floor.

Open today 10am - 3am
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